Tree Pruning : Cleaning, Thinning, Raising and Reducing the Crown

Tree Pruning by Springfield Tree Services

Tree Pruning by Springfield Tree Services


The removal of dead, dying, diseased or crossing branches in order to improve the appearance of the tree.


Crown Thinning

Careful pruning of a percentage of the crown in order to improve access to sunlight as an alternative to complete removal.


Crown Raising

The removal of low hanging branches in order to provide clearance for pedestrians, vehicles or buildings.


Crown Reduction

Specialist pruning designed to reduce the size of a tree which has become too large for its location whilst retaining the natural form. This differs from topping/pollarding which is considered bad practice as it results in weak regrowth which can snap and cause damages or injury and leaves the tree looking ugly. Topping/pollarding can also lead to vigorous regrowth resulting in a taller tree or worse can invite disease which results in the failure of the tree.